About us

MS Innovation is a company with specializing in various kinds of imported NO HACKING WATERPROOFING systems and products distribution for government, commercial and residential project. We established since year 2008 and proudly appointed as the Sole and Exclusive Country Distributor for ISONEM waterproofing in Malaysia.

ISONEM is a waterproofing manufacturer with headquarter located in Izmir, Turkey and moving ahead speedily to be world-known trade mark. Today, ISONEM is exporting products to 79 countries across the whole of Europe and throughout the world. And now, it is available for South-East Asia market.

We have extensive range of latest waterproofing products for commercial and residential premises leakage problems.  NO HACKING Waterproofing DIY PRODUCTS for:-

• Bathroom   • Tiled Slab   • Concrete Slab   • Wall Moisture   • Repair Crack   • Extension Joint 

NO HACKING Waterproofing SERVICES & past projects please visit:-