ISONEM MS POLYMER - Concrete Slab / Roof

A unique, high quality pure polymer produced with latest technology. The product is also used as colored floor coating material on factory, storage, warehouses, parking areas, walkways and on asphalt base. Because of its quick drying time (10 minutes initial curing time and 30 minutes fully curing time, and 1 hour re-coating time for second layer). Result is easy and quick application. The product is Eco-friendly because of its low consumption value and low price. It can be applied onto all of substrates.

Area of Usage

• Concrete surface  • Terraces   • Roof   • Balconies   • Exterior walls

Product Features:

• UV resistant   • Glossy & hard elastic film structure   • Fast re-coating & curing time    
• Open to pedestrian & vehicle traffic   • Ready Mixed